Friday, 9 March 2012

OOH LA LA Penneys False Nails!

Red, French nail & Polka dot false nails :)
So since I have absolutely no nails myself (I'm a biter!) I am a big big fan of false nails and I have recently been to Penney's for a bit of shopping and discovered these adorable false nails - I didnt even know Penney's do false nails but I was quite pleased they did when I seen these ones. They have a couple different designs to choose from - French nail tips, black with white polka dots, red, leopard print and purple. These nails are just to cute, great designs and for an amazing price! These nails are quite small and short which I love since I have quite short nails and I like more of the natural false nail look. The glue is also included and is very strong and holds your nails on for about 2 days before you might need to stick one or two back on ;) I would recommend these nails for a night out or maybe if you want super cute nails in just five minutes. Although these nails can be quite brittle and bend easily I still love them for their cuteness and how quick it takes to put them on and also the price. These nails are ONLY €1.50 per pack!!! Yup, €1.50... amazing price!  So if any you false nail lovers out there have tried these let me know your opinion too! :)
Thanks for reading :)
Beauty Junkie 
Red nails on!
French nail on!


  1. Amazing !!

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  2. I'm a biter too! hah, these look lovely - the natural short ones always look the nicest :) xo

    1. Yeah, I love the short false nails a lot more than those long very fake looking nails :)

  3. At that price you could buy all the colours, lovely!

    1. Sooo cheap and so worth the price! Wish I had of bought lots more them now, hehe! :)
      - Kim xx