Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Essence Nail Varnish's!

I love love love Essence nail varnish! Its been one my my favorite brands for years. There quality products for great prices and you can buy Essence in nearly every Pharmacy! They are usually €1.25 each which is a really affordable price. I love there nail varnish's because they have a wide variety of colours and so many to choose from. There nail varnish is thick in texture which covers the nail well and you don't have to do multiple coats... Although some can chip quite easily, you can get clear nail varnish and put a coat over your dry painted nails and it helps your nail varnish stay longer and chip less. Since I love my Essence nails varnish's and I am always changing my nail colour I thought I would share my five favorite colours from Essence. If any of you are big Essence fans like me share your favorite colours or other products with me, Id love to hear! Here they are; My Top 5 Favorite Essence Nail Varnish's: 

The second & last one look the same but one is red & the other is pink, its just my camera :)

1. 70 Nude it!
2. 61 Fame Fatal
3. 53 You Belong To Me
4. 21 Fabuless
5. 30 You're The One

Thanks for reading :)
- Beauty Junkie 


  1. ooh nice :) im more of a barry m girl! give them a try cos they last for ages, ni chipping i swear, so good! i might give essence a go sometime :)

  2. I love Essence. They have great products for the price :)xx

  3. Yeah, I love Barry M too, but I always go back to Essence for there great prices :)