Friday, 2 March 2012

For those BIG eyelash lovers!

Lashes on! :)
Just a little post for all of you fake eyelash lovers out there! I recently bought a set of 10 pairs of fake eyelashes from Ebay and really really love them! You can choose from three different styles - short and thin, long and thin or long and thick. I bought the long and thick ones as I already have quite long lashes and need these ones for extra thickness. They are very cheap and only cost €5 for the 10 pairs and for delivery, you also get a little bottle of glue included. Although the glue is very small and might not last for the 10 pairs you can buy eyelash anywhere from pharmacy's to Eurostore's! These are great for those of you who wear false lashes every day or those of you like me who just like to wear them for nights out and special occasions. And if you keep them in good condition you can re-use them over and over again.

Other false lashes I love are the Essence big and flirty lashes, there very long and thick and create more of a dramatic look. The glue is excellent and keeps your lashes on all night long and whats even better is there only €2.99! 

Thanks for reading :)
- Beauty Junkie 


  1. I genuinely believe this post was made for me! lol
    Yes I wear big eyelashes on a daily basis and have heard a lot about these ebay lashes?

    How did you find them in the long run? x
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    1. I LOVE THEM!! There long and thick which I love and are perfect for my eyes! Although the glue isn't very strong you can pick eyelash glue up anywhere. In my opinion these are soo worth €5!

      If you do ever buy them, I would love to hear your opinion on them :)

      - Kim xx