Monday, 5 November 2012

Archangel Micheal Angel Cards - Prayer

Hey guys, So the other day my friend Clara did her angel cards with me and a few of the girls. Before I wasn't really a believer in them but after doing them it really changed my mind. I taught they were great and you really do relate to them, well I did anyway :) I picked this card out along with two others but this one card really spoke to me and after shuffling them again and again I picked out another final card and to my shock it was the one I had picked previously. I was amazed!!! This card has a prayer on it which really spoke to me and it was something I can really relate to. So I just wanted to share the little prayer with you guys and maybe you can relate to it too and it might make a difference. Enjoy guys :)

''Archangel Micheal says that fear is the only thing interfering with your happiness and plans. He wants to show you how to release any worry or dread so you can feel safe and secure. This card indicates that your ready to let go of control issues and trust that everything ultimately works out for the best.''

Angel Cards.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween Costume '12

Hi Guys :) So this year I was choosing between a few different costumes and I just couldnt decide. So you know what us girls are like, I left everything to the last minute and ordered my costume a bit late so I just had to choose anything... So I dressed up as a Black Cat, very common I know but I was so stuck for ideas and got it quickly on eBay which I was very happy because I loved the costume!! I got the all in one catsuit on eBay for €22 including delivery. Unfortunately my cat ears I ordered didn't come in time and I had to improvise and buy different ones from Claire's Accessories for €4.50 and they were purrfect! ;) I wore my own shoes which I also bought on the internet a year ago which I adore. I also did my own hair and make-up which was pretty simple. Here's some pics for you guys. Send me some links to your Halloween costumes, I'd love to see :)

Thanks for reading :) 
- Beauty Junkie 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Cute New Buys!

So, since I have re-done my bedroom I taught I would show yous guys some cute little things I got over the past few weeks. Since I'm working a lot lately I haven't got much time to do any shopping so these are just a few little things iv picked up. They range from candles to nail varnish, I'm a little all over the place today but I taught I'd include them anyway :) I have a list-full of stuff I new to get and just haven't got round to getting them! If you guys have any little ideas you think I would like please let me know, I'm looking for loads of new stuff! Enjoy guys! :)

1. First pic has 3 Essence nail varnishes! As you may have guessed, I'm a little obsessed with Essence. And today I bought 3 more. A pink, red and glittery gold. The pink is called Ultimate Pink 108. The Red is called Redvolution 115 and the gold is called Make Me Golden 67. Also they have cute new bottles, the pink/red are the new bottles and I think there so much more cuter!! Also the brush is a lot better, all round a great nail varnish! :) These cost €1.25 each.

2. The second picture is off my new duvet cover, I'm in love with it! As soon as I seen it I had to have it! I bought it in Argos for €26.99 for a double!

3. Third are these cute candles that smell aboslutely delicious! There called, (L-R) Vintage Flowers, Very Vanilla and Strawberrys & Cream. They are from Next and cost €4.50 each! They also burn for 30 hours!

4. Fourth is just a cute picture I took of my make-up stand. The love heart candle holder is adorable and cost €1.50, the mint green 2012/13 Diary also cost €1.50 and comes in 5 different colours. I bought these two items in Dealz.

Its been so long...

WOW. I had no idea I haven't been on in 5 months! That's so crazy! I moved out a few months ago and didn't have internet in my new house, I know, how did I survive right? It was pretty tough but about two weeks ago I moved back home and decided to do a bedroom makeover! I painted my walls a cream/nude color which is so different to my hot pink walls that I use to have but I'm loving it way more. My room colours are black and cream, and it looks so simple and chic. Anyway, I'm going to be doing some new room stuff that I have bought and see what you guys think. I also just got a new job and I'm so excited about it. I cant wait to actually have money to buy whatever my little heart desires :) So watch this space!! Hope everyone is doing good and had an amazing Summer! xxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cute Little Bedroom/Gift Ideas From Penneys!

Hi Lovlies ♥... So since I haven't done a post in about 2 weeks I taught I would do another little one, but I couldn't think of anything to do as I haven't bought any new make-up or products lately. (I'm saving for a new laptop charger!) *sigh* Anyway, I recently got a couple of cute little gifts so I taught I would do a little post on them :) All three of these are from Penney's. And yes, I'm Penney's obsessed as you can tell! :)

1. First is a hanging jewelry holder and is so handy for anyone like me who is a bit obsessed with jewelry. It has small & large compartments and is double sided, great idea for bedrooms with not much space for all your jewelry or little bits & bobs. It costs €4 and also comes in pink.

2. Second is this adorable cupcake candle that my Sister bought me :) I just love it! I probably will never even light it its that cute :) This would be a great little gift idea or if anyone just loves candles and wants to take up some space with these little cuties! This little cupcake candle costs €2.50.

3. Lastly is this cute small purple hanger that has 11 little hooks and can hang from your wall or your wardrobe. I use mine for long necklaces and bracelets but it can be used for anything from belts to small bags and whatever other little bits & bobs you have lying around :) This hanger costs €3.
You can get all three items for less that €10! It's a steal really :) Anyone that's doing their room over or just looking for some cute little ideas you should definitely check out Penney's home stuff! 

Thanks for reading :)
- Beauty Junkie 

Friday, 9 March 2012

OOH LA LA Penneys False Nails!

Red, French nail & Polka dot false nails :)
So since I have absolutely no nails myself (I'm a biter!) I am a big big fan of false nails and I have recently been to Penney's for a bit of shopping and discovered these adorable false nails - I didnt even know Penney's do false nails but I was quite pleased they did when I seen these ones. They have a couple different designs to choose from - French nail tips, black with white polka dots, red, leopard print and purple. These nails are just to cute, great designs and for an amazing price! These nails are quite small and short which I love since I have quite short nails and I like more of the natural false nail look. The glue is also included and is very strong and holds your nails on for about 2 days before you might need to stick one or two back on ;) I would recommend these nails for a night out or maybe if you want super cute nails in just five minutes. Although these nails can be quite brittle and bend easily I still love them for their cuteness and how quick it takes to put them on and also the price. These nails are ONLY €1.50 per pack!!! Yup, €1.50... amazing price!  So if any you false nail lovers out there have tried these let me know your opinion too! :)
Thanks for reading :)
Beauty Junkie 
Red nails on!
French nail on!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Everyday Make-Up Products That I Couldn't Live Without...

1. Essence Foundation in Soft Nude 
2. Pressed Powder from Avon in Translucent 
3. Essence liquid liner in Ultra Black
4. Essence eyebrow pencil in 02 Brown
5. Rimmel Lipstick in 006 Pink Blush
All products used here.
6. Lancome  Mascara - L'Extreme in Black

I taught I would do a post on my favorite everyday make-up products since I use these six products the most and have been using these for years. These products range from Essence to Lancome, and prices are from €1.75 to €25... most if these are very affordable prices that many people would be able to afford! So lets start with the foundation, this foundation is Essence and I have been using this for about two years now and love it! It has great coverage and suits my skin colour perfectly and it is only €3.99 - great value!! Although if tend to re-do your make-up a lot and put coat after coat of foundation on, this isn't for you, as it can go quite blotchy but when done once and a good powder is used it can last all day and stay perfect. Now onto the pressed powder, this powder is from Avon and I  love love love  it!! Its one of my favorite powders Iv ever used, it is light and airy and doesn't look cakey over your foundation, it also gives great coverage and gives your make-up that perfect finishing touch. It is also great if you have very oily skin or make-up. The liquid liner is also by Essence and is brilliant for anyone like me who does the cat eye flick on your top lash, the brush is pointed and creates the perfect line. It also lasts very long, Iv had mine around a month and a half and theres still a good bit left considering I use this every day. This liner costs €2.99 and is really worth trying if you haven't already tried this! Again my eyebrow pencil is Essence and is around €1.75, its very dark brown which I love since I have quite dark hair and really suits my eyebrows, this pencil also lasts extremely  long and is definatley worth the amazing price! This lipstick is my favorite lipstick Iv ever bought!! Iv bought this lipstick over and over again and absolutely love it, it is by Rimmel and costs €7 - so worth it!! Its gives a lovely soft pink colour to your lips - great for Spring/Summer to add a little colour to your make-up. Now for the dearest product but still very worth the price - this mascara is quite expensive but is really worth it, its brilliant!! It is very thick and black and gives you a dramatic dark eyed look and really lengthens your lashes! This mascara has gotta be THE best mascara I have ever used! It is by Lancome and costs around €25, which is very expensive but really is a great mascara! I highly recommend trying out this mascara... If any of you use or have tried any of these products I would love to hear your opinion too, so comment and let me know :)
Thanks for reading :)
- Beauty Junkie