Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cute Little Bedroom/Gift Ideas From Penneys!

Hi Lovlies ♥... So since I haven't done a post in about 2 weeks I taught I would do another little one, but I couldn't think of anything to do as I haven't bought any new make-up or products lately. (I'm saving for a new laptop charger!) *sigh* Anyway, I recently got a couple of cute little gifts so I taught I would do a little post on them :) All three of these are from Penney's. And yes, I'm Penney's obsessed as you can tell! :)

1. First is a hanging jewelry holder and is so handy for anyone like me who is a bit obsessed with jewelry. It has small & large compartments and is double sided, great idea for bedrooms with not much space for all your jewelry or little bits & bobs. It costs €4 and also comes in pink.

2. Second is this adorable cupcake candle that my Sister bought me :) I just love it! I probably will never even light it its that cute :) This would be a great little gift idea or if anyone just loves candles and wants to take up some space with these little cuties! This little cupcake candle costs €2.50.

3. Lastly is this cute small purple hanger that has 11 little hooks and can hang from your wall or your wardrobe. I use mine for long necklaces and bracelets but it can be used for anything from belts to small bags and whatever other little bits & bobs you have lying around :) This hanger costs €3.
You can get all three items for less that €10! It's a steal really :) Anyone that's doing their room over or just looking for some cute little ideas you should definitely check out Penney's home stuff! 

Thanks for reading :)
- Beauty Junkie 


  1. The candle is super cute, love it :)

    Lea x

    1. Isn't it Lea, its just adorable! :)

      - Kim xx