Friday, 2 March 2012

CATRICE - Smokey Eyes Set!

Without a doubt eyeshadow is my favorite beauty product, I love it because you can create so many different looks and can really open out your eyes and make them look bigger, which we all love! There are so many different types and colors to choose from! I have ALOT of different eyeshadows and I am a big fan of smokey eye colors and sets - My favorite smokey eye set has definatley got to be Catrice Smokey eye set. It has three different color eyeshadows and one creamy black liner! First there is a creamy pale color, a light brown and a deep brown/black color. You also get a little eyeshadow applicator and liner brush. I love this product because the eyeshadows are easy to apply and comes out very smooth. The colors also blend in well together and creates the perfect smokey eye! It is very inexpensive too, and only costs around €5 and lasts very long! And as it is small and compact you can carry it in your bag anywhere you go. I highly recommend this product for the perfect sultry smokey eye for those nights out with the girls or dinner dates with your other half :)
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- Beauty Junkie 

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