Monday, 20 August 2012

Cute New Buys!

So, since I have re-done my bedroom I taught I would show yous guys some cute little things I got over the past few weeks. Since I'm working a lot lately I haven't got much time to do any shopping so these are just a few little things iv picked up. They range from candles to nail varnish, I'm a little all over the place today but I taught I'd include them anyway :) I have a list-full of stuff I new to get and just haven't got round to getting them! If you guys have any little ideas you think I would like please let me know, I'm looking for loads of new stuff! Enjoy guys! :)

1. First pic has 3 Essence nail varnishes! As you may have guessed, I'm a little obsessed with Essence. And today I bought 3 more. A pink, red and glittery gold. The pink is called Ultimate Pink 108. The Red is called Redvolution 115 and the gold is called Make Me Golden 67. Also they have cute new bottles, the pink/red are the new bottles and I think there so much more cuter!! Also the brush is a lot better, all round a great nail varnish! :) These cost €1.25 each.

2. The second picture is off my new duvet cover, I'm in love with it! As soon as I seen it I had to have it! I bought it in Argos for €26.99 for a double!

3. Third are these cute candles that smell aboslutely delicious! There called, (L-R) Vintage Flowers, Very Vanilla and Strawberrys & Cream. They are from Next and cost €4.50 each! They also burn for 30 hours!

4. Fourth is just a cute picture I took of my make-up stand. The love heart candle holder is adorable and cost €1.50, the mint green 2012/13 Diary also cost €1.50 and comes in 5 different colours. I bought these two items in Dealz.

Its been so long...

WOW. I had no idea I haven't been on in 5 months! That's so crazy! I moved out a few months ago and didn't have internet in my new house, I know, how did I survive right? It was pretty tough but about two weeks ago I moved back home and decided to do a bedroom makeover! I painted my walls a cream/nude color which is so different to my hot pink walls that I use to have but I'm loving it way more. My room colours are black and cream, and it looks so simple and chic. Anyway, I'm going to be doing some new room stuff that I have bought and see what you guys think. I also just got a new job and I'm so excited about it. I cant wait to actually have money to buy whatever my little heart desires :) So watch this space!! Hope everyone is doing good and had an amazing Summer! xxx