Friday, 2 March 2012

NYX - Make-Up Artist Kit!

Another great eyeshadow (and blusher/lip gloss) set is the NYX make-up artist palette that I bought about 2 months ago in TKmaxx on sale for €10. Yes €10!!! It was a steal I couldn't pass up and I'm very glad I didn't! This set is amazing! It has the colours I love from naturals to bright and colourful! There are 36 eyeshadows and the top also slides out and underneath is a blush and lip gloss section! There is 4 different colour blushes and bronzers; 3 sectioned blushes and highlighters and 5 lip glosses. The colours are great and there's so many to choose from, there very smooth and stay very well on your eyes. The blush colors range from dark brown to light pink. The highlighter is great and shows up really well in pictures. Its also very useful if your going away for the night/weekend or on holidays as it has all the colours you'll need and some blushers and lip glosses too! Its also a great present idea for someone who loves make-up! I highy recommend this to all you eyeshadow lovers, you will LOVE this palette!
Thanks for reading :)
Cream base blended with dark brown.

- Beauty Junkie 


  1. it looks great :) Love the look!
    How's the pigmentation? Is it consistent with all of the eyeshadows in the palette? I find that some nyx eyeshadows are not as pigmented as the others and can be a bit powdery in some.

    Followed you on twitter btw, somehow I can't follow you on here. U have google connect hun?

  2. Aww thanks Rina :) Yes, your right the pigmentation isn't very consistent with some NYX eyeshadows but I love these ones especially the blushes!
    No, I dont have GFC, it wouldnt let me create one for some reason.. Sorry! Maybe its just my blog, but I tried everything and it says people can follow me?

  3. looks like a good palette, havent used nyx before but the colors in your palette do look sooo pretty!!! New follower!!

    The Ugly Moments

  4. I love love LOVE this palette!! Thanks so much Kerker, just followed you too ;)